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Yes there is hate in the world but doing what you hate others doing to you make you no different than the ones that you are accusing of doing the same. And if I spelled some words wrong here get over that as well.

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And the amount of time this kid has given of his time to others is way above and beyond most people his age. When he is out of uniform he is helping others and is always trying to enspire kids everywhere he goes. Some of you here should try and ask those that he has taken his time out of his life to bring some joy to theirs and see how they feel about him. When you are done there go and find the coutries around the world that he has been to on missions with his parents helping the needed and ask the ones that he has touched there and see what they say.

  Tim Tebow is one of the most talked about players in the NFL and has become quite the celebrity. He's got an extremely sexy face and now we know about his massive bulge as well. Hopefully, he will continue to be a star athlete so that we can keep getting hot pics of him. -You must be over 18 years of age (or the legal age in your jurisdiction Watch Tim Tebow Frontal Nude gay porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant gay XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Tim Tebow Frontal Nude gay scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own   30 years old sportsman Tim Tebow is very popular in the United States, this former football player is a dream come true for gay fans all over the world and that's a fact. A buffed out athlete with a strong body displays his budge in a set of paparazzi photos. They caught in while he [ ]

My bottom line point is this kid believes in something and personally feels that he has been blessed with talent to do what he is able to do on the field and off. If I had a kid and he looked up to Tebow I would be a fool to say he was a bad example.

He only made that Klan video because his mom asked him to? And I am sure you would make an excuse for keeping it or why you purchased it in the first place. No matter how many times it is repeated or said.

Doing the commercial with his mother was all of 15 seconds if that. Again, ingorance is no excuse there as well, but when your mother asks you to do something for her and what she was asking you to do did not support hate but love for human life, if you say no then you are supporting death. Which is much worse than hate. The part that he was supporting was life and for the love of life and what gifts come from it. But a person with common sense would see by watching that commercial there was nothing in it that supported hate.

Dude - get a clue. It is well known that the Southern Poverty Law Center has nothing to do with poverty nor the law. They have long trafficked in political hate themselves, targeting only conservatives and religious groups. Gay, straight, Jesus freak or not, I can appreciate an incredibly handsome man, and he is pretty damn hot in my opinion!

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Even during his college football years. In fact many players in a variety of sports pray and thank God and whatnot. Pro football players wear protective plastic cups.

Those pix look like Tebow is wearing an extra small, petite Jesus size cup. none of those pictures would indicate to me that he has a big dick.

in fact any of the ones where you can kind of see a bulge it looks rather small. so sick of celebs, athletes, and politicians, saying god told them this or god made such and such happen. like if there was such a thing as a god that it would be more concerned that someone win an award or a sports game than trying to save starving children.

what delusional egomaniacs. Also, he plays football for the Broncos. Gay guys can like sports too! Refuses to answer questions regarding to homosexuality.

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Cute, right? Must be a slow day in porno land, cuz this posting is really stupid!

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And the buldgeany idiot knows the guy is wearing a cup! Speaking thereof, I imagine he was just kidding but I thought I might clear something up.

Plan B is not an abortifacent, since real doctors - not crackerjack box degree holders like most right-to-lifers - count conception from the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterine wall. Plan B prevents conception by stopping the implantation.

American football is rugby for wimps. Or deeply in the closet.

Look, I can respect that Mrs. Tebow refused a medically recommended procedure and everything worked out fine - aside from having spawned an only halfway competent ballplayer who is only noteworthy for his religious antics. But the fact of the matter is that she had a choice - one she would like to take away from other women who might need safe and legal access to abortion.

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We might often disagree about gay porn, but on this subject, we are in totally agreement. It always amazes me when these women, like Mrs. Tebow and Sarah Palin, want to be praised for the choice they made to have their children without even a shred of embaressment that they now want to refuse other women the same right.

good for you. Added bonus Tebow supporters end up on a gay porn website. And why would anyone want your allergies to act up, honey? Russell Tovey screaming.

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Attachment The maximum upload file size: 50 MB. It could be a new Bravo series about gay doctors. Yeah R7. You can hang with him and discuss all the wonderful things Focus on the Family has done for gays and lesbians. I don't care, r He is just my type. Big, masculine, and dumb.

He can proudly recite the Focus on Family's mission statement or quote bible passages as he ravages my hole.

I don't care. All I know is that I want to have sex with him. Part of me thinks Tebow could be a cool guy if he would break away from his scary Momma and her rabid beliefs and experience the real world for a while.

But he also has that look in his eyes that he's about to dive in whole hog and be even crazier than she is. I've seen the same look in Tom Cruise's and Mel Gibson's eyes. I don't think he's crazy but he's probably been mentally abused by having religion beaten into him his entire life. It's amazing how so many people here think they can tell how big his cock is just by looking at him in his underwear.

Just think how fucking horny he gets.

I'd love it if he plunged his dick, whatever size it is, down my throat and pumped away just until he was ready to explode, and then shot his load all over my face. I'll bet R42 quizzes all his hookups from Manhunt about their political persuasion before he lets them in the door. Since I'll never meet Tim Tebow, I don't feel guilty for lusting after his hot body even though I might not agree with all of his religious beliefs.

I see nothing wrong with using a man strictly for sexual pleasure without regard to his personal beliefs. You're just gonna have sex with him, not discuss politics or religion. Fuck his ass good or have him fuck yours and as soon as you've both hung a nut, send him on his way. Easy peazy lemon squeezey.

r50, I thought I was the only one jerking myself to his pics, and r53, definitely, definitely agree. I just want that cornfed hunk on top of me and in me no matter what.

He can call me a homo or fag or anything else as he pounds away. Being called names and mocked and told I'm worthless would be so worth it just to experience sex with this man. I must come off as self-loathing, but I'm really not. He's a big dumb jock, and what he thinks or says about me is meaningless. It's the carnal delights he has to offer that matter.

If getting my hole tapped by him means putting up with some ignorant statement of his, then so be it.

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He's not just saying or thinking things, he is actively working to keep you as a nonentity, not worthy of the most basic rights. And he will raise his children and his grandchild to do and feel the same.

Tim tebow naked ass

He will be promoting and encouraging generations to hate you. As a straight woman, it stuns me that you are ok with that. I like to refer to him as T-Bone, because he looks so meaty and tasty. I'd love to chow down on that. I would bet he'll marry some cheerleader type with an overbite who's lied about being a virgin and who will rapidly lose patience with him due to his limited lovemaking skills and dismal NFL career.

Only then will he feel comfortable in coming out. Does his religion prohibit him from jacking off? Because how else is a supposedly healthy, in-shape year old male who professes to be a virgin going to get his rocks off?

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I have to laugh at the simpleness of people like him who think it's admirable that he's waiting for marriage before having sex. Like having an orgasm is something that you save for when you want to procreate instead of an expression of your sexuality.

I know he's into Jesus and all, but is he anti-gay? Wouldn't it be possible to be pro-gay and pro-Jesus?

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I know who Tebow is, but I don't know a lot about him. A member at Just Us Boys claims to be a UF student who knows him casually. He did an ad for Focus on the Family.

The ad was not about gay rights but Focus on the Family is rabidly homophobic. I think it's possible he's pig ignorant about it. More likely he's a love the sinner hate the sin type. He is sizzling hot, and please bitches you cannot tell the size of his cock in these pics. So he's a fundie whose views I don't agree with? So what? I've fucked Mormons, scienos, and people who wear flip flops with jeans. I don't care what they think or how they dress.

If they're hot I want to fuck them.

excellent answer, congratulate

This is about screwing, not about cementing a long-term relationship. Get a grip. He was homeschooled, his parents are crazy fundies, he did a commercial for Focus on the Family!!

yet some of you are saying he many be ok with gays? shows you the latest nude male and gay celebs pictures, leaked celebrity penis selfies, homemade videos and sex tapes. All the hottest naked male celebrity photos & videos are here! Daily ates of your favorite male celebrities - actors, singers, sportsmen, social media stars gets naked   Contact me at [email protected] for submissions or suggestions. Sunday, September 15, Tim Tebow Tim Tebow of the New York Mets works out at an instructional league day at Tradition Field on September 19, in Port St. Lucie, Florida. In this handout photo provided by Disney Parks, ESPN college football analyst and former University of Florida football coach, Urban Meyer, "Albert" Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos looks on after the

OK, the ad he did only referred people to the website. Well, I just spent a half hour looking at the website Tim Tebow and his mom referred people to. HOLY SHIT! No one can claim Tebow is anything other than a complete homophobe. The main focus of the website is how to deal with homosexuality.

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Children should be kept away from 'unrepentant' gay parents. Marriage, civil unions, even private contracts are an attack on 'traditional marriage. Don't for get FOTF stating that gay marriage would lead to marriage with donkeys. Not sure how that works Hey, maybe Tim can explain it to us! So R73, you think his parents and church taught him about how bad abortion is but skipped over telling him their thoughts on gays?

I was raised as a Catholic. The only guys who cited their religion as a reason to save sex for marriage were the closet cases. Don't see this as being any different. No but I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt. Give him time.

People Talking Sports* Episode 20 - Walt Frazier, Kyle O'Quinn \u0026 Bill Laimbeer - Aired August 15th

He'll say something homophobic and some people here will still defend him. He supports FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, you stupid bitch. A group that is virulently anti-gay.

Jesus, will you please fucking WAKE UP. Stupid fucking sex addict. I bet his cum actually tastes sweet. He just has that look.

Pure, white, thick, creamy dollops of cum. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads!   February 19, PM. Part of me thinks Tebow could be a cool guy if he would break away from his scary Momma and her rabid beliefs and experience the real world for a while. But he also has that look in his eyes that he's about to dive in whole hog and be even crazier than she is. I've seen the same look in Tom Cruise's and Mel Gibson's eyes Tim Tebow. Like I have said before, I am not a fan of football at all. But, I am a fan of some of the hotter players. To celebrate the Super Bowl being on Sunday, I will post the hottest football players throughout the weekend. And what better a place to start than with the player most famous for being good-looking (among other things) - Tim

search By Date, OP only, Subject only. Tim Tebow in his underwear Diagnosis: Tinymeat. Please, hon, like you wouldn't jump on that if it appeared at your doorstep.

He's still a bastard. FUCK you R1. Not everyone here is a sex addict who gets off on right wing freepers. The body doesn't make up for mini-meat, or for that face. Maybe he really is a virgin. Or just want someone to hang out with.

Forget about his politics, the guy doesn't turn my crank. His ass is a disappointment. He should get together with that retard actress from "Family Guy. Riley Cooper is a piece of ass. Thank you.

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