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I'M THE BABY SITTER YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED. I'M A NAUGHTY TEEN! They would actually tell me how cute I was and compliment my figure. I started to realize that I enjoyed it when they saw me naked or in my bra and panties and that it aroused me. Leaving my bedroom or bathroom door open a few inches helped in letting them see me naked more often.

Naturally I never did that when my mother was at home and I know she would be upset if she knew what I was doing. I know for sure that 4 of Brads friends and 5 or 6 of Kyles friends have seen me naked. It gets me so excited that I masturbate just thinking about it. Brad even caught me mastubating once, but that was embarrassing because I know he was watching me for a long time and told me so. continued from part 1. You see, I love you Bubbles, but not to the extent of seeing ourselves making it up to something.

At first I thought the scene has reached its conclusion. Well maybe not because she gave me a kiss that would make me forget being her as my sister. I felt kinda strange. Her lips were damn soft and warm, with a loving passion.

I stopped kissing with Bubbles and I attempted to run towards my room. She inserted her silky smooth hand in my pants. She noticed me already having an hard-on, so she rubbed my briefs containing my member rapidly as if I was getting masturbated.!

At first I was preventing my psyche from thinking of my sister as if I was already making love to her, and have my dick come to life. The tension heats up and I got sweaty as my penis is stimulated for a possible.

Forgive me moralists SEX. So at first, we kissed using our lips and tongue, exchanging saliva with one another.

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It was really great! I felt how Bubbles needed me to come into her. I took all of her clothes off except for her bra and lingerie because I get horny when I see girls wearing such revealing suits. I wanted Bubbles to be like that. I felt the carnal lust of heeding for sex with my own kin. She wore a black tight bra, a T-back lingerie and stockings. While she wanted me totally naked so I gave it.!

I was like kissing her lips while my one hand was busy mashing her boobs and the other in her still tight pussy. Then she went down and kneel to suck my penis.

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My sis was already a great cocksucker. She was sucking it like crazy! Then she asked me to sit in the toilet bowl. Bubbles grabbed my dick and sandwiched it with her cute boobs! I felt really great! My cute sister has really grown up to be one of my secret fucking marionettes! I think this will be the weirdest incest experience that I will never forget my whole life.

I know its hard to believe on your point of view, but its definitely TRUE. My dad migrated somewhere in the US with his new woman. All of my siblings, including me are living with my mom in our rented apartment. Since then, it was my mom who took in charge of all the duties my dad left behind. She, by the way, is a doctor, only 36 yrs.

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old, I think she was just 15 when she got pregnant with my elder sister. She is now one of the new acquisitions for public hospital surgeons, and practicing her profession in a public hospital. My elder sister now works as a Nursing clinical instructor in a well-renowned University here in our place. Meanwhile, me and my twin sister both 17, although she was a few hours older are currently studying in college, also Nursing, where our eldest use to work.

She is far more better than me, academically. She usually beats me up in all of our subjects. Never did I have a chance to take the lead bet. the 2 of us. The youngest of the siblings, my ever-so-cute cuddly-wuddly sis. to me. Everytime she sees me, she always gives me a lovely hug. All of the are academically excellent except for me. I felt like I was just a thorn among the bunch of roses.

I even once started to think that I was just an adopted sibling. But my mom proved me wrong by showing me the scar that the surgery left in me and my twin sister. I was convinced. She is more aggressive, more gutsy and more smarter bet.

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the 2 of us. And there was my ever-sweet, loving little sister. Its kinda strange on my side as her older brother for her being too close, but nevertheless fine.

We have our everyday heart-to-heart talk where she confesses to me all of what happened, the latest showbiz gossips and more! She had a lot of admirers, from friends, classmates, even teachers bec. of her beauty. She said to me that she has no time for them. I always wonder why she gets to have very excellent grades despite of all of their daily practices, and still having the time to study.

She is the closest to me amongst of us. She tells me almost everything, except for that one thing that can make our relationship as brother-sister go on nuts: the secret that she has kept, but unnoticeably obvious, her desire of having me as her lover, as in.

my mom and my older sis went shopping. She quickly grabbed my bag and hugged me so tight. I had many things that I have noticed about her that instance.

She wore a sando shirt together with a very short skirt. Her tight bra gave her not-so-big but seemingly large boobs a lift for that long clevage effect.

Are you going crazy?! Are you sick or something?! of my confusion, we sat on the sofa and she starts to cry.

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Then she said. I will tell you my secret but pls, keep it bet. us only.

remarkable, very valuable

The real reason why I restrain myself form having a BF is bec. of YOU. I felt like it was not what she really meant, so I distanced myself from her.

But when I was about to go to my room, she pushed and brought me down, and she tried to strip off my pants.! Could you.? But she suddenly removed her sando and exposed her cuddly boobs on my sight. I love you too, but not to this extent. ok so my confession is that when i was 12 I had sex with a my boyfriend who at the time was 16, and my mom never found out of course i was careful to not get pregnant but since then i always had sex with a him or some other teenager.

When i was 14, horny as fuck, i might add i had some form of attraction for boys my age. Nothing too perverted. Without this intention i invited my friend for a sleepover, a bit tubby over the edges but still cute while he was sleeping i started to take off my pants and stand over him.

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It was a hot night so he had no covers on and he was wearing only his underwear. Then i got a bit further, i gathered up some of this fat rolls and stuck my penis in.

I then ran to the bathroom for clean up :P.

I stop fucking my older brother when I started dating. Am I just crazy or has this ever happend to you? my confession is I love underage girls, and I want to fuck then all, I dream about them all the time, how nice there little tight bodies look in jeans and shorts, and how pretty there tits look. they girls I like are between 14 and 17 preteens.

please help me and if there are any preteens reading this hit me up and well talk and meet and fuck. My cousin used to stay over at our place when her mom was away.

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her mom was kind of a druggie hooker type. When I had the chance I went to the laundry room and sniffed her knickers and clothes.

I guess its kinda fucked up but the girl was 7 and I was about Im Raymard from Philippines, my Mother is a Grade 6 Public School Teacher here, She had a 2 student which I fell In love with their name is Ms. D and Ms. All the things I wanna do with her. She makes me so horney. I am a 13 year old boy.

consider, that

Well from like 5 to 7 my stepdad would strip me and touch my penis. Well anywho I remember one time I wanted revenge so when he was sleeping I went and pulled his underwear down and saw his hairy dick!

He then woke up and yelled at me, it was so embarissing and I did this at the age of like 9! We also had a neighbor who would suck me and I would suck him it was hot. Last Summer when I was 12, I had gone swimming with my big brother he was 15 at the time in a pretty creek near the town where we lived.

I tore my little swimsuit on a small hard branch, so I took it off, and swam in the nude. But sometimes, being unexpectedly nude in a different place, especially such an isolated and pretty place, can have a different effect. I persuaded him to take his swimsuit off, and be nude like me.

sorry, that has

So he was lying on his back, propping himself up with his elbows with an absolutely enormous erection sticking up into the air.

I lay next to him on my front with my arm over his thighs, closely examining his beautiful cock. I had seen his dick many times before, but never THIS close and I had never seen it so big and hard! My big brother nodded, and I held his beautiful cock between my fingers and thumb. Then I began to slide my fingers up and down the shaft, because lying there in such an close position was so nice, and it seemed such a natural thing for a loving little sister to do.

My face was only inches away from it, so I gave it a kiss, and looked at him to see what reaction he would have. His eyes half-closed, so I knew he liked it. So I brought my lips to it and played with it, teasing it with my tongue and lips. I could have sex with my wonderful big brother! So I knelt over him, bringing our genitals close together, looking at his face to see if he would let me.

He lay back altogether, showing me that it was alright to continue. I thanked the gods for the honor, and brought his wonderful penis into me. There was blood everywhere! but I just kept fucking him just as hard and as fast as my skinny little body would let me!

I found that being on top enabled me to move up and down on his gorgeous cock to the utmost effect deep, deep, inside me, and get the best positions, and I began to climax for what seemed a very long time. Although the positions were very erotic for me, it was also the fact that it was my big brother I was making love to that aroused me so intensely.

When he climaxed inside me it felt so wonderful I just hugged him and hugged him and kissed him all over his face and chest. I know I will always love my big brother forever. Im only 13 but im married and i no its young but i dont care anyway i was in bed and i was mastribating and my husband walked in and then we had the best sex EVER! hes 16 and we eloped. I like little children. Sometimes I just want to fuck them so bad. I want to lick them down there.

15-Year-Old Who Had Sex With 37-Year-Old: 'It's Illegal For A Reason'

It was to embarrassing to tell anyone and up to this day the only people that know what happed, are the group of boys and girls that forced me into that horribly embarrassing moment. It happed after school was out. We were hanging out with four girls and three off my friends.

I went to the bathroom to take a pee and sudently they all came in and locked the door behind them. My friends were threatening to pants me and the girls were daring them to do it. That was exactly what they wanted to hear and began grabing at my pants. Before I knew it my pants were down by my ankles and held down on the floor. I had no other choice but to be desplayed naked with my shirt pulled up to my neck while the girls had a great time looking at my tiff dick.

It lasted just enoughf time to check me out good, but to me it seemed like an iternity.

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I keept being friends with them, but they always had fun making me blush by asking me if I could get naked again for them. My friend wished he could have seen her and I told him I could arange it. On saturday mornings my perents leave to do the shoping and I know my sister sleeps late, so I called my friend over to our house. I know she justs sleeps in her panties so it was going to be easy to expose her in front of my friend.

I picked the lock open and we both went in quietly and lifted her sheet off. She was sound asleep face up as we looked at her perfect midium size breasts and beautiful long leggs. She just keept sleeping as we were looking at her small panties and trying to see her pussy through them.

I think we went to far because we picked up her leggs and yanked her panties off and held her with her leggs apart to get a good long look at her pink pussy. She finally woke up an screamed with embarrassment realicing she was totaly naked and her leggs held spread out.

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We let her go as she barely covered herself with a pillow. Days past and she never said a word about it. i have molested a few of the females in my family not all of them theres one i will not touch because i like her i dont like the others by the way they are children. it feels good. i like when the way they look with my penis inside them. i lie to them and tell them to kiss my penis and i cum in there mouth i force them to swallow.

none of them are my children though i dont want to fuck my children up just my brothers and sisters children. Back when I was as young as seven years old, my mother had opened a daycare service inside her house. He told me about sucking his dick and he would do it in return. So for days after he gets dropped off, we would secretly suck each other off when no one was looking.

One day my mom caught us in the act and I quickly tried to change the subject by acting like he was trying to fight me. That night when he was getting picked up my mom and his mom were having I conversation, probably about what happened. The very next day I never saw him again, except during school.

My question is, does that make me gay? Growing up on Prince Edward Island was a pleasant experience for me. The air smelled like pine trees and the closeness of the sea brought relief form the warm summer temperatures that seemed to make your clothes stick to your skin even after a bath.

We shared everything,even our clothes,untill she started blossoming before me. I had just turned 14 a week earlier and Anna was going to be 18 in the fall. but she was really becoming more to me. As we entered the barn the first thing you notice is the contrast to the warm muggy air outside, here it was cool and cavernous your footsteps echoed off the walls and ceiling and it took a few moments for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. the hay was fresh and it smelled so sweet.

She seemed to be looking for her brothers in the barley fields.

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