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She made her pro wrestling debut on January 30,so she wrestled for 8 years before coming to TNA. Besides wrestling, she also acts.

She appeared in - horror-comedy film, "Monster Brawl". Five foot ten, pound TNA Knockout Sienna is really Indy wrestler Allysin Kay.

She made her pro wrestling debut on December 28,after training at the Blue Collar Wrestling Alliance BCWA. Allysin made her TNA debut at Knockouts Knockdownwhere she defeated five time Knockouts champion Gail Kim. At SlammiversarySienna captured the TNA Knockouts Championship defeating Jade and Gail Kim in a Triple Threat match for the TNA Knockouts Championship.

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At Turning Point on August 25th,Sienna lost the TNA Knockouts Championship in a Five Way Match, also involving Allie the winner Madison Rayne, Marti Bell, and Jade. At Knockouts KnockdownKay made her TNA debut defeating former 5-time Knockouts champion Gail Kim in her very first match via a count-out. TNA Knockout Brandi Rhodes is a model, former ring announcer and professional wrestler. In the WWE she was known as Eden Stiles, where she was a ring announcer and backstage interviewer.

She is also the wife of Cody Runnels aka Cody Rhodes and Stardust. Though she has usually been an announcer, she is now getting into the ring.

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Alisha Edwards was born on January 7, in San Diego, California. She's now in TNA as Alexxis Nevaeh, but she has also wrestled under the names Lexxus, Alexxus and she even worked for TNA before under the name Mercedes Steele.

Alexxis is five feet tall, weighs pounds and made her pro wrestling debut in She is married to fellow pro wrestler Eddie Edwards. New TNA Knockout MJ Jenkins is not only a wrestler, but also a singer and personal trainer. She was trained by Johnny Rodz and made her wrestling debut on October 18, Besides TNA she has worked for AIWrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling CZW.

Now TNA has changed it's name to Global Force Wrestling. So the promotion has been NWA: Total Nonstop Action NWA-TNATotal Nonstop Action Wrestling TNAImpact Wrestling and now Global Force Wrestling GFW.

I don't know if I should change the title or not because who knows what they will call themselves next week. Female pro wrestler is another new TNA Knockout excuse me Global Force Wrestling Knockout. Amber is five foot four, weighs pounds and was born on November 2,in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

She was trained by Chasyn Rance and Aaron Epic and made her pro wrestling debut in Amber reminds me a lot of the ECW's Beulah McGillicutty. At the August 18th TV GFW tapings in Orlando Lucha Underground and former AAA star Taya Valkyrie made her GFW Impact debut. Allie and Gail Kim lost to Sienna and Taryn Terrell and then after the match, the heels beat down the babyfaces until Rosemary ran into the ring to make the save.

However, Taya ended up turning heel, taking Rosemary out with the facebuster.

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Hania the Howling Huntress Tamara McNeill is the newest Impact Wrestling Knockout. Hania debuted during the November 11th tapings, attacking Rosemary and setting up a feud between the two. smackdown live blue brand new roasters draft pick coming up to be the authority contract by triple h and Jamie noble with Joey mercury his jobs for Dean Ambrose fanicficticon his back on Friday night with Bobby roode aj styles singing Matt Morgan rampage Jackson r truth Ezekiel Jackson Frankie kazarian Ethan Carter and karl Anderson Luke gallows and Brooks Adams Katie Lea burchill and Brittney Santana Garrett and Kiera Hogan.

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Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2020 - #1 Contender Knockout Gauntlet Match.

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By the way would please give some advise to my lens uefa store. Thanks a lot. The TNA Knockouts are awesome and far superior to the WWE Diva's. They do women's wrestling the way it should be! Great article. I'm a big Mickie James fan. She is the reason I started watching TNA after she left WWE. Ivory Lisa Moretti former 3-time WWE Women's Champ, Luna Vachon and April Hunter inducted into WSU Hall of Fame. Mildred Burke began her career wrestling men at carnivals.

She is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and an inductee into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. The onscreen and real-life feud between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels helped shape pro wrestling as we know it. Read about what made this one of the biggest wrestling rivalries of all time and it's impact on sports entertainment. Is modern wrestling suffering from too many clean finishes? A top 5 list of the best eras in professional wrestling history. Supporting evidence is given for each pick.

A lot of pundits seem to think that the rise of the new professional wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling will result in a better WWE product because of competition, but is that really true? We love to hate them, but heels are a necessity in professional wrestling. Storytelling requires a good villain, someone for the hero to eventually overcome. This list looks at five great wrestlers that audiences love to hate.

During the s, pro wrestling was one of my favorite sports. You couldn't keep me away from the TV or a live bout if I could see my favorite grapplers.

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Here are my four favorite pro wrestling champs from that era. In the fake world of wrestling, things don't always go according to plan. A lot of the unplanned incidents go unnoticed by the fans. However, some of the incidents are so big they cannot be ignored.

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WCW was at one point the number one promotion in the world. It did so by signing a huge chunk of the WWF roster.

It sadly neglected to develop their own stars. However, a few still stood out. AEW is a young promotion which started on January 1, Despite it being so new, it has repeatedly trounced its rival NXT. NXT is owned by World Wrestling Entertainment. TNA hired quite a few women of different styles and backgrounds to give various personalities in a deep division.

The concept of everyone having their own identity is always a good idea. Some have developed legacies in the company such as Gail Kim, Angelina Love and Madison Rayne but most of the others would see a more difficult time. Part of the reason TNA has gone downhill for years now is the inability to commit to performers and giving them the time to shine.

Many stars like Tara, Taylor Wilde and Awesome Kong left the company feeling they were disrespected without getting the chances they deserved. The only certain thing is most of the female performers have been talented and beautiful. The matches between the Knockouts would gain the best quarter by quarter segment ratings for a few years.

Through the various ups and downs, TNA has employed a lot of knockouts with amazing looks and outstanding talent. Everyone has their favourite but here is the definitive list of the top twenty hottest TNA female wrestlers of all time. Taylor Wilde showed great potential in TNA as she was quite talented and seemed to get better with every match. Wilde had a stunning look and was clearly positioned as one of the brighter female stars in the company but other factors would make her time in TNA, and wrestling in general, come to an end.

Wilde has since retired to work in another field but still looks wonderful. Lacey Von Erich was given opportunity in the wrestling business due to being a third generation member of the legendary Von Erich family and having great looks. Lacey was still one of the better looking people in the entire wrestling business and utilized it to her advantage until she left the industry to become a full-time parent.

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The looks of Von Erich could have translated over into the modelling world if she wanted to go that route. Did you know Jade, aka Mia Yim, is the current TNA Knockouts Champion?

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As one of the newest faces to make it in TNA, Jade has instantly become a valuable member of the Knockouts division and is one of the better looking performers in the company. Alissa Flash, aka Raisha Saeed, aka Cheerleader Melissa, didn't stay with TNA for very long with various character changes.

Her talent, beauty and identity were all hidden until the Alissa Flash character debuted. Flash looked like a star in the making with a couple of impressive matches and segments before being moved into the background once again.

Currently working in Lucha Underground once again hiding her identity, the gorgeous wrestler is one of the most skilled and physically attractive women in the wrestling business. TNA hired Florida model Alison Skipper to play the role of Chelsea, a valet for Desmond Wolfe. She looked the part of her role and knew how to play it to perfection without any experience in the wrestling bubble. Her acting skills were efficient and her obvious unparalleled beauty made Chelsea one of the hottest women in TNA history.

Traci Brooks was the original TNA Knockout and the first female talent to frequently appear in an on-air role during the early years of the company.

Brooks primarily worked as a manager for the likes of Michael Shane, real life husband Frankie Kazarian, Bobby Roode and the Main Event Mafia. Playboy actually called TNA to have Brooks pose nude for the magazine but later moved it to the website subscription of their brand.

Despite the bump from the hopeful magazine spot, it was a huge accomplishment as the only person in TNA to do so and was one of the more attractive people in the company until her eventual release. Considering the success of Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Madison Rayne and others, not many fans would guess Angelina Love has the most TNA Knockouts Championship reigns with six.

Love was one of the first bombshells in the promotion when they started to sign more female talent to strengthen the hopes of a women's division. The introduction of The Beautiful People delivered huge ratings with Love and Velvet Sky playing the evil duo tormenting the other women in the division. The very short wrestling career of Jenna Morasca is infamous for all the wrong reasons.

Many would argue her sole match against Sharmell was the worst wrestling match in the history of the business. Morasca won the Survivor reality show contest and posed for Playboy before getting signed with TNA after Kurt Angle worked with her on a movie and suggested she get a role. The legendary Mickie James spent a few years in TNA after her release from WWE and had a great deal of success.

TNA last saw her get thrown onto traintracks by James Storm in one of the silliest angles on televised wrestling.

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Mickie may have been killed in storyline, but her hotness lives on forever as she is still frequently seen at various independent shows looking as great as ever.

Melina utilizes her incredible flexibility in both her offense and her selling. When taking moves like Natalya's Sharpshooterher body bends and twists in terrifying ways. She uses this to her advantage against her opponents too, like her Sunset Split legdrop.

Tna wrestling girls

It's moves like this that keeps Melina as one of the top Divas in the Division and sets her apart from others. Melina uses her body so well, I cannot believe she has a skeleton sometimes!

Plus, when you get Bret Hart calling you the greatest wrestler in the world, you've got to be a little good. The Knockout formerly known as Victoria has had an impressive career thus far. Tara has been a Women's Champion, a Knockouts Champion and an overall great all-round talent. She played her psycho-heel character from her WWE days to perfection and she does the same thing with her current TNA character. On top of this, she is a great wrestler who can work a match almost flawlessly.

Her Widow's Peak is one of the best Diva finishing moves ever. Sarita aka Sarah Stock on - Circuit is another example of the fine talent TNA possesses. Sarita is an aggressive yet agile wrestler with some great charisma.

TNA Goldy Locks interviewing the ladies! FACEBOOK: [email protected]: SURE TO LIKE, COMMENT, SUB   Girls The 50 Best Fitness Influencers on Instagram. Follow these fit women we're crushing on for inspiration, workout ideas, and motivation. Read article. News. The Gorgeous Girls of TNA Wrestling. by M&F Editors. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

Lately, she has become a bigger part of TNA's Knockout Division, beginning with a rough feud with Velvet Sky and a tag team partner in the form of her "cousin" Rosita. Sarita has also wrestled for AAA and CMLL, which are two of the biggest Lucha promotions out there. She is also a member of the SHIMMER roster. Whilst in CMLL, she had several huge matches with WWE Diva Natalya.

Over the years, the Muy Caliente Knockout has worked hard at improving in the ring and making her move set vaster. She wrestles a smooth lucha-libre type style that makes her a great competitor to watch in the ring. Despite her poor treatment towards the end of her WWE run, Mickie James was a huge part of WWE's Diva Division for the few years she was part of it. From her days as Trish Stratus' stalker to her several Women's and Divas Championship reigns, Mickie became one of the best and most-loved Divas ever.

At TNA, Mickie has the chance now to wrestle some of the best and continue solidifying her legacy as a top women's wrestler. If she wins the Knockouts Championship before Gail does the Divas Championship, she will make history by becoming the first women ever to hold all three of the mainstream women's wrestling titles.

Mickie's charisma and energy got us hooked from the very start and her undeniable wrestling ability keeps her at the top of the heap. The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix is a rarity when it comes to today's Divas. - Match - Now for sale These tough girls are very evenly matched. WOW! Such a good pro style match!This is a WWE home made apar   The Women of Impact Wrestling: the TNA Knockouts. TNA (or Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) was founded back on May 10th, When the promotion started, a lot of people hoped it would be competition for the WWE, but that (so far) has not come to pass Top 20 Hottest TNA Knockouts of All Time | TheSportster

For starters, she came into WWE with wrestling experience and she isn't rail-thin and typically model-looking. Like I mentioned in an earlier slide, Beth was one of the women who carried the Divas Division from and tried her best to put over girls like Ashley and Candice Michelle in the ring.

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Her strength is another thing that sets her apart and makes her matches good to watch. The aggressive nature in her offense is basically Anti-Diva, which is great.

  On this page you find the full TNA Roster as of today, September 1st This includes the list of all current TNA Wrestlers, division between Men and Women Roster, as well as Managers, Announcers, Authority figures, Producers and other personalities in Impact Wrestling. Our complete Pro Wrestlers Database allows you to travel through time and see the TNA Roster by Year or any specific Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Beth is a superb wrestler and I am glad that WWE treats her as such. Beth has been Women's Champion numerous times and is one of the few ladies that receive legitimate pushes. Last year, she created history by taking part in the first ever Diva Tag Team Table match and took an incredible bump, showing off how hard a worker she truly is.

She is a huge woman with a hard-hitting style that leaves you hoping her opponent makes it out of there alive. Her matches with Gail Kim and Christy Hemme just show how tough this woman is and how tough Gail and Christy are and shows that not all bigger wrestlers are green, stumbling giants.

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Speaking of which, that is exactly why Kong is so high up this list. Despite being larger than most wrestlers, Kong moves around the ring so well and never seems unsure of what she's doing. To see Kong do well in WWE would be amazing for me, as a big fan and for the Divas Division in general. I mean, who would go to the bathroom while Awesome Kong is around?! We are literally counting down the days to Kong's debut, where we hope she gets to feud with another strong, hard-hitter like Beth Phoenix or Natalya.

Her technical prowess, agility and general charisma wows me every time and it is a pleasure to watch her in the ring. Her Sharpshooter is one of the most over finishing moves in the WWE, and needless to say, she performs it to perfection. I don't think I've ever seen Nattie wrestle a bad match.

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She is solid through and through and owns the ring. Hey, it's in her blood! Being the only female graduate of the infamous Hart Dungeon, Natalya has a big name to live up to, and I believe she does so week in, week out. She has the ring skills and the charisma to become a big name in the future, all WWE needs to do now is give her that big push to the top.

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And let her remain there! For several years, the Asian Sensation has been a huge part of mainstream women's wrestling. She was a Women's Champion during her first run with the WWE and became the first ever TNA Knockout's Champion in Kim was a major player in the making of the Division, as she was one of the first ladies brought in to actually start it up.

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Her and Awesome Kong had an incredible feud and put on several great matches. It was at this point that TNA's Knockouts Division was shown as clearly ahead of WWE's Divas Division.

She's no one-trick pony either. Gail offense includes high-flying, high octane action as well as superb technical wrestling. She complements the women she works with, as is seen in WWE today.

Since her return inGail has mostly been used as a "jobber" and has worked many good matches with uprising talent like Maryse and Alicia Fox, among others. Gail tops this list for being a constant great worker with an impressive move-set.

She owns every wrestling ring she steps into and is never boring to watch. She deserves a hell of a lot better than WWE is giving her right now, and who knows what will happen when her contract runs out this year. I honestly hope WWE begin using her well and she decides to re-sign because the Division really needs talent like her.

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