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Just felt so wrong.

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Now I am a CM and love seeing children playing and watching them but I felt so uncomfortable and had to keep looking away When my in laws were on holiday they saw a man being chased across the beach by a few other men, they caught him and smashed a camera turns out he was taking inappropriate photos of children.

I just cannot believe parents can be so naive, it would have been way too easy for a scumbag to take pictures. Again, perhaps I am way too over protective?

See last answer. Your browser cannot play this video. no i totally agree with you.

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my DS has a UV suit, if he has to get into it on the beach i make him stand behind a towel, maybe it is being over protective but with so many sick people out there sometimes you have to be. And i know how anoying it is parents not watching their kids, we live at the seaside and i am put off going to the beach by parents letting their kids do want they want throwing sand etc, and always happens you set up in a nice spot, then a family set up next to you drinking, smoking, and swearing.

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Search for a thread. I would be more concerned about their sensitive skin being so exposed than the threat of random pedophiles tbh. Parenting advice Straightening toddlers hair. Parenting advice August babies V September babies. Parenting advice For those who smack your toddlers I have let my dd who is 3 run around a beach in just her knickers when we have been caught out i.

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e we were not planning on going to the beach but then stopped there because it is so nice. I wouldn't let her do it for to long due to the risk of sunburn although I do ensure I always have sunlotion in the car for such times.

In terms of dodgy people taking photo's I would keep an eye out but I am not going to let them ruin my dd innocent fun by not letting her be a child.

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I personally wouldnt let my son go naked because I believe privates at just that private, however I wouldn't care if other family's let their children do that.

I think I would be more worried were sand could get rather than paedophiles, intact I rarely think about paedophiles, I can't live m live in fear.

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I would have been more worried about the fact the parents could actually see the toddlers, I'm sure it would take long for a kid to run off towards the sea. totally agree also agree on being concerned about their skin also can't stand mothers posting naked pictures of their children on facebook.

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The latest tweets from @NakedGirls_01 Toddlers and their private parts. When kids can't keep their privates under wraps, it can be both hilarious and horrifying. By Stacey Stein May 27, Photo: Getty Images. he dropped his pants and exhorted others to "look at my bum!" while shaking his naked bottom. There was also a cringe-inducing incident at a popular froyo saintmarkaugusta.netted Reading Time: 4 mins There are several reasons why young children (usually ages two to four) love to let it all hang out. For starters, being naked just plain feels good. Plus, toddlers relish showing off a newly acquired skill - undressing. Shedding their clothes is also a way of asserting control and testing boundaries (a common theme these days, in case you

SJ I wouldnt cos you dont know whos watching. Search for a thread. I wouldn't let my child go naked anywhere in public.

Toddlers (1 - 3 years) Children sharing a bedroom. Karen B 11/06/ at am. From a nudity perspective there is nothing wrong with a 2 year old being naked on the beach. I would however be worried about the sun on their sensitive skin, particularly intimate areas Anonymous. 13/08/ at am. Perhaps I am way over protective but to me letting babies/toddlers run around on a packed beach completely starkers, is just wrong. I went to Margate on Saturday with my two boys aged 3 and 6 and my husband, they both had UV sunsuits on and were not allowed out of sight. We were sat with one family on to the Yes, I Let My Kids Play Naked Outdoors - Stop Shaming Me. April 30, at pm PM EDT. Freckle/Shutterstock. Moremar/Shutterstock. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows. View Gallery 10 Images. I

Not because I'm worried about anyone else's opinions but because you never know who may be watching or taking pictures. At 2 you can make it clear he either keeps the shorts on or doesn't get wet.

Todlers naked girls

Toddlers 1 - 3 years Little boy seeing me naked. Toddlers 1 - 3 years 3 year old obsessed with naked skin? Toddlers 1 - 3 years 2 Year old hitting other children.

Toddlers 1 - 3 years Children sharing a bedroom. Karen B From a nudity perspective there is nothing wrong with a 2 year old being naked on the beach. I would however be worried about the sun on their sensitive skin, particularly intimate areas.

Katie D Lots of kiddies run around naked on the beaches near me and in local parks. Charlie R Refillable Sanitiser Bottle Set Fill with sanitiser and clip onto bags or pencil cases Buy now.

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April K emma p In answer to Karen B Rachel L First Year Month By Month Milestones Breastfeeding Childproofing Newborn Postpartum Health Sleep Vaccinations.

Toddler Month By Month Milestones Child Care Feeding Growth Potty Training Sleep Vaccinations. Family Finances Celebrity Parents Kids' Health Relationships.

Registry Builder New. Undressing Preferring to Be Naked. by Maura Hohman. Reviewed on March 10, What to do when your tot's favorite outfit is his birthday suit.

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You get him dressed, turn around for a second, and the next thing you know, he's naked again! Why it happens There are several reasons why young children usually ages two to four love to let it all hang out. What to do about it The more you make a fuss, the more your child will insist on going bare-butt.

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Instead, be patient and try these tips: Say yes sometimes. Don't overreact or even react at all.

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Acting horrified or punishing your little one will send the message that his body is something to be ashamed of. And if you laugh, he'll think, "Aha!

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Here's a way to get attention," and you'll set yourself up for repeat strip-tease performances. Provide opportunities for practice.

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Give your toddler a doll or stuffed animal with easy-on-and-off clothes and let him dress - and undress! Putting the clothes back on is always harder, so stick around to lend a helping hand. More on Disciplining Your Toddler.

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