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Locked, loaded, and ready for action, TOM heads deeper into the station to find the source of the breach alert. Shogo is completely falling apart! TOM and the newly upgraded SARA work toward getting off the dying planet.

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Something strange is happening aboard the Vindication. Can TOM and SARA beat the clock? TOM and SARA encounter some new enemies on this all new episode of The Forge. Catch the second episode next Saturday night at 11p!

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TOM and SARA find unlikely friends in unlikely places on this all new episode of The Forge. SARA is handling the hacking, while the TOMs are handling the shooting. Check out the premiere of episode 3 of The Forge.

Is this the end of the line for TOM? Newly upgraded TOM 6 is ready to fight back with Sara, but can they take that alien down once and for all? Shows Marathons Toonami Music Smalls Games Schedule Podcast Comics Apps Live Simulcast.

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Saturdays at 12a ET. Fena: Pirate Princess Sneak Peek: Coordinates Light up the night with this all new episode of Fena: Pirate Princess, happening this Saturday night at midnight! Cosmo Samurai. Cosmo Samurai Part 1 Initiate anime adventure! Cosmo Samurai Part 2 Uninvited guests board TOM and SARA's ship! Cosmo Samurai Part 3 The crew might be down, but they're not out - yet!

Cosmo Samurai Part 4 With the crew in midst of battle, can TOM still rescue SARA? My Hero Academia Sneak Peek: The Unforgiven How far will a man go to save his son?

  New webcast every Friday at pm Toonami Toonami Stream Toonami Twitch Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins @NakedGirls_01 I don't own the rights to Toonami, and I am not affiliated with Toonami in any wayI totally agreed with this:)Anyone that s

September Toonami Lineup School might be back in session but Saturday nights are for Toonami! Food Wars! Season 4 Trailer This dish is best served HOT!

BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS Official Trailer The world that changed the way we see sci-fi is back. Game Reviews. Ender Lilies Game Review With a kingdom a chaos, only one priestess can end the reign of death once and for all. Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Game Review Wield the dragon sword, once again! Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection Game Review The past never dies! Cyber Shadow Game Review Step into the shadows! Naruto Shippuden Episode Discussion By OwlChemist81August fena Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 4 "Mystery Of The Stone" Discussion!

if toonami was mostly american cartoons would the block be more successful? Stone Season 2 reruns replacing AoT reruns at By 3ngag3August Final Season of Attack on Titan The Final Final season set for January release By JmanAugust thoughts on MHA Season 5 : class a versus class b training session? By CountFrylockAugust 5. Cartoon Network to air all the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Original Trilogy, and Rogue One starting September 5 By JmanAugust My Hero Academia Episode : Long Time No See Discussion 1 2 By CountFrylockAugust yashahime YashaHime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 8 "The Dream Gazing Trap" Discussion!!

Funimation didn't upload a dub of MHA today By CountFrylockJuly black clover Black Clover Page "The Great War Breaks Out" Discussion!!! fena Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 3 "Bar-Baral" Discussion!

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shippuden Naruto Shippuden Episode Discussion By StarPandaAugust Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma - The FOURTH Plate Episode 1 "That Which I Want To Protect" Discussion By OwlChemist81August 21 shokugeki no soma the fourth plate. My Hero Academia film lands Alice in Borderland director Shinsuke Sato By JmanAugust fena Fena: Pirate Princess 1-Hour World Premiere "Memories" and "Inherited Journey" Discussion!!!

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black clover Black Clover Page "Zenon's Power" Return of Season 4 Discussion!! yashahime YashaHime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 7 Discussion!! Dragon Ball Z. Sailor Moon. Gundam Wing.

Justice League Unlimited. Samurai Jack.

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Attack on Titan. One Punch Man. Chances are you remember at least some of these shows very fondly. In the action animation block's year run on Cartoon Network and its current five-years-and-counting revival on Adult Swim, however, there have been a number of shows that slipped through the cracks and weren't quite so successful.

  Search titles only   fena Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 3 "Bar-Baral" Discussion! 1 2 3. By OwlChemist81, August pirate princess. world premiere. (and 1 more) Tagged with: pirate princess. world premiere. season 1 Find out on the fourth and final episode of Cosmo Samurai, non-canonical Toonami event! Food Wars! Season 4 Premiere. This dish is best served HOT! Brace yourself and your appetite for season 4 of Food Wars! Premiering Saturday at a. saintmarkaugusta.nett Rating: TV

Some of these shows are just as good as the hits and deserve to be given a second look, or for many of you, perhaps a first. Others deserve to be forgotten. RELATED: Dragon Baller: 15 Reasons Goku Is Actually A Huge Jerk. The classic Toonami commercials with the voice of Peter Cullen could make almost anything sound utterly amazing, but these less-than-stellar shows were too much for even Optimus Prime to make look good.

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These include intelligence-insulting spin-offs of past hits, unabashed toy commercials, painfully unfunny attempts at comedy, inexplicably popular cliche-fests, and in one special case, a show so bad it lasted only two episodes before being forever forgotten. It's time to look back on the underrated best and the unbearable worst the Toonami block has had to offer over the past two decades.

Unlike the rest of the worst on this list, this show is actually popular.

Extremely, inexplicably, about-to-get-a-third-season popular. On one level, the popularity is understandable, in the same way that something like Ready Player One is popular: it's a Gary Stu wish fulfillment fantasy that tells young geeks their video gaming skills can save the world and attract beautiful women.

But Ready Player One doesn't have incest fetishism or tentacle monster molestations. That's what's really baffling about SAO 's popularity: it fits almost every negative stereotype Americans have about anime, yet somehow it ended up one of the biggest mainstream hits.

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If you enjoy SAO in spite of its flaws, more power to you, but for those who like their anime less gross and cliche, stay away. Be honest, you were expecting this one to be on the worst list, weren't you? It makes sense why people dismissed Duel Masters as just a brazen Yu-Gi-Oh rip-off; the pilot episode was just that, the original Japanese version was always that, and the dub reverted back to that mode when it switched studios in the second season.

But the bulk of the first season, dubbed by Plastic Cow Productions, is one of those rare gems that only comes around when you give a show nobody cares about to writers with a sense of humor.

The original dub of Duel Masters was Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series before Abridged Series were a thing, a comedic creation that mercilessly parodied itself and the card game anime genre as a whole. Translation purists might be angry, but it was way better than it probably had any right to be.

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Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation certainly want you to forget about this Dragon Ball Z sequel, which is officially no longer canon and effectively replaced by the current Dragon Ball Super series. Super is itself debatable in terms of how it lives up to the legacy of the early Dragon Ball shows, but it's almost universally agreed upon that GTthe one Dragon Ball series made without original creator Akira Toriyama involved, was a disappointment.

There were some decent ideas to be found in GTbut between poor characterization, forgettable designs and forced twists Goku's a kid againthe execution just didn't work. It tried to blend the levity of the original Dragon Ball with the scale of Zbut failed to reach the level of either series. The commercial failure of IGPX might have been the beginning of the end for the old Toonami.

A co-production between Cartoon Network and the legendary Production IG anime studio, Toonami put their all into this robot racing series, with high production values and an all-star voice cast including Haley Joel Osment, Michelle Rodriguez and Mark Hamill.

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For whatever reason, the show didn't click with audiences, and the final episodes got sent to a Friday night death slot. Toonami wouldn't try anything so ambitious again until their Adult Swim revival.

Maybe the premise was too weird and the pacing too "off. Toonami on Adult Swim eventually reran the show in and Discotek released a DVD set for those interested.

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Comedy, especially random absurdist comedy, is a tricky, subjective thing. In theory, Bobobo-Bo Bo-Boboa show about a master of nose hair-based martial arts, is worth remembering for the fact that something so patently absurd not only aired on an American children's network, but somehow aired for 78 EPISODES!

The cojones it took to do that are impressive. The show itself, unfortunately, was less-so. Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo 's randomness, gross-out humor, and reluctance to provide anything resembling a comprehensible plot had maybe enough shock value to amuse for one episode.

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But 78 episodes of the same shallow material over and over again that's just torture. Weird can be beautiful in anime see also FLCL or our top underrated pick on this listbut this was sadly just not that funny. Good luck tracking this one down. The adaptation of Shotaro Ishinomori's classic manga series about an international team of cyborgs impressed those who watched it with its combination of retro stylings, modern production values, and a powerful anti-war message.

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