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Sayeda and Anjali were 17 when I met them at Sneha, a shelter run by Sanlaap in Narendrapur, a suburb of Kolkata-the metropolis where I once was a crime reporter for an English-language daily. Situated in tranquil surroundings, the shelter consists of a small cluster of buildings on a green campus protected by a high boundary wall.

At any given time, about 80 to 90 girls live there. The center accepts girls who were rescued from brothels but also those who are vulnerable to being forced into prostitution, such as the children of professional sex workers. Along with counseling, they receive training in trades such as block printing and tailoring in hope of preparing for an easier return to society. Sayeda and Anjali had arrived just days before, along with 10 other girls rescued from the brothel in Mahishadal.

A supervisor in charge of chaperoning the girls ushered them into a large unfurnished room where I was waiting with a representative from Sanlaap. Slipping their footwear off at the door, they filed in, pausing their chatter as they took me in with guarded glances.

The awkwardness eased after I joined them in unrolling a rug.

We sat down in a circle. As we began conversing in Bengali-the language I grew up speaking at home-the girls became more comfortable. I explained that I was writing about sex trafficking and wanted to understand what victims go through.

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I made clear that they were under no obligation to answer my questions. Sayeda, seated to my right, was the keenest to talk. She had mischievous eyes, a bright smile, and an easy confidence that set her apart from the others. She described how the brothel staff kept a strict watch on the girls and how the owner, Bhakta, routinely beat her and the others.

The other girls laughed. Their stories were similar. Some of them had made feeble attempts to escape. Anjali told me she once asked for help from a client, but the man told another girl at the brothel and word got back to Bhakta.

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The girls from Bangladesh, such as Sayeda, felt more helplessness. Since they were in India illegally, Bhakta had impressed on them that the safest place for them was inside the brothel. Sure, you could try. Then the police will lock you up. Several months after she was sold to the brothel, she got her phone back and was able to speak with her father every few days. As time went on, her father grew frustrated. I want you to come back because who will take care of your daughter after I die?

He would ask to speak to her employer, and she would hand the phone to Bhakta. Her father would plead with Bhakta to let her come home. But Bhakta never relented, always replying that she needed to work a few more months. Then, one day, her father called to say that her child had died.

Her father had lied in desperation, hoping it would sway Bhakta to let her return home.


When I went back to the shelter the next morning, I asked whether Sayeda and Anjali would talk with me again, since they had been the most forthcoming. Sayeda showed up grinning ear to ear, her forehead and cheeks covered in colored powders: red, blue, green. It was just days after Holi, a Hindu holiday that people celebrate by splashing color on one another.

I gathered that Sayeda had joyfully accepted a full smearing of her face from other girls at the shelter that morning. Anjali had gotten away with a minor dabbing. Instead, they described the physical violence. Anjali showed me a mark on her lip where she said Bhakta had given her a cigarette burn.

Sayeda told me that Bhakta sometimes ordered one of the girls to flog another, with a belt or a stick, while he watched.

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How much more could I cry? The sum of her tears would never be enough to convey the measure of her sadness.

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She told me how she drank constantly to cope with the pain. Anjali chimed in to say that Sayeda would get into fights when drunk.

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At other times, Anjali said, she would weep and tell her and other girls how she missed her family. As we came out of the building into the sun, Sayeda asked me if I could use my cell phone to find a satellite view of her city.

She wanted to show me the neighborhood where her parents lived, next to a well-known mosque. Smiling, she ran over to a play area in front of the building.

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I watched her climb to the top of a slide and glide down. Walking toward my car, I could hear her laughing. Sanlaap aids girls who have been rescued or are at risk of being exploited. One afternoon two years ago Giriraj Panda, a lawyer in Haldia who has helped prosecute sex trafficking cases, was eating lunch at a food shack near the courthouse when a sudden commotion disrupted the usual thrum of activity.

Panda looked up and saw a man racing away, chased by a couple of policemen. The cops were too slow. The man outran them and climbed on a motorbike driven by an accomplice. The two sped away. Panda, hired by Sanlaap to represent the girls in the case against Bhakta and the others, recognized the fleeing man.

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It was Bhakta. He was due in court when he managed to break free from the officers leading him into the building with his hands cld in theirs. Bhakta had appeared in court before on similar charges, Panda said, but his lawyers had been able to arrange his release on bail. In many instances, courts have no choice but to grant bail to defendants because prosecutors fail to file charges on time, owing to incompetence or corruption.

Panda told me defendants in trafficking cases use money and muscle to try to evade convictions. Intimidating or bribing the witnesses is a common tactic. One of the first steps toward a prosecution, after a raid at a brothel, is for the rescued victims to give statements under oath. Under pressure from their families, trafficked victims sometimes recant their initial statements at trial or claim to be older than they actually are.

Prosecutions also are hampered by weak investigations leading to a lack of incriminating evidence, says Ankita Chakraborty, a doctoral student at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in West Bengal who has been analyzing the prosecution of sex trafficking cases in India for her Ph. In her study, Chakraborty says, she has found instances in which police filed charges against defendants under sections of the Indian Penal Code that allow bail to be granted easily, rather than under more stringent anti-trafficking or child-protection laws.

The majority of cases end in acquittal, she says. Those accused in the trafficking of Mala are on trial in South 24 Parganas. The prosecutor in that case, Debranjan Banerjee, told me that individuals working on behalf of the traffickers had offered him a bribe to bungle the prosecution so that the defendants would be released on bail.

At his request, police increased security. The defendants were not granted bail. In the past six years, Panda said, he and his team have secured convictions in more than a dozen trafficking cases in the Haldia area.

He said he would fight to prove the charges against Bhakta, who Panda said was tracked down and arrested a few weeks after his escape.

The case is ongoing and could last for years. Bhakta did get bail earlier this year-a decision Panda said prosecutors would appeal. A few months after my visit to Sneha, Sayeda began suffering severe abdominal pains. But now she was unable to eat. Her stomach became swollen. Her breathing became labored. The news was devastating to the girls at the shelter, especially Anjali. He stood silent and motionless, I was told, as the coffin was transferred to another van to take Sayeda home.

Driving past the mosque that Sayeda had wanted to show me, we wended through the streets and parked next to a tea shop. Her father, a slight, haggard man, greeted us feebly. Since the outer room had no furniture, they invited us into their bedroom.

Smita and I sat cross-legged on the bed, the afternoon light pouring in through the window. This is where Sayeda had spent much of her childhood.

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When her father brought her coffin home, her mother told me, a crowd gathered outside the house to mourn. When she described how much her daughter enjoyed singing and dancing, I showed her a photograph of Sayeda with Anjali and the other girls taken after their dance performance. Wearing a bright magenta sari and a yellow crown, Sayeda is smiling radiantly.

Her mother looked at the photo for a moment and began to weep.

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She brought out a couple of photo albums to show us pictures of Sayeda when she was younger. When she had to attend a wedding, it was Sayeda who did her makeup.

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Sayeda was often trailed by a posse of younger children, her mother said. Her mother leaned in to listen. Her father listened from the other room, where he sat on the floor, staring blankly at the wall. When I returned the next day to say goodbye to the family, he finally spoke. After a year and a half at the shelter, Anjali finally returned home to her mother in Siliguri and began working at a factory.

When I visited in DecemberAnjali, then 19, was helping her mother with household chores. Anjali told me she struggles with loneliness.

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She misses her friends from the shelter, who understood her anguish as no one else ever will. She was comforted by knowing the factory had security cameras. Be on your phone. But who could have known that the boy had such evil intentions?

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She could easily be lured by another boy who might promise to marry her and then go and sell her to another place, like it happened before. Her mother tried to mollify her. What she really wanted, she told me, was to be able to go wherever she wanted whenever she wanted.

A few months after her return, she wanted to visit a girlfriend nearby after she got back from work. Anjali got so furious that she hurled an object at their television, shattering the screen.

Anjali wanted a scooter so that she could commute to the factory more easily. Anjali gave her an exrated smile.

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Copyright National Geographic Society Copyright National Geographic Partners, LLC. All rights reserved. Stolen lives: The harrowing story of two girls sold into sexual slavery Trafficking minors for sex is a multibillion-dollar industry that spans the globe.

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After a fight with her mother, R. At a train station, she met some men who tricked her and took her to a red-light district in the city. Many girls who are trafficked in their teens spend the rest of their lives in brothels. was rescued before she was sold to one. She was sent to a shelter called Sneha run by Sanlaap, a nosaintmarkaugusta.netofit that prepares victims to rebuild their lives. Read the story in Bengali or Hindi ???? ?? ????? ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ????.

How to help. Here are three groups working in India on behalf of sex trafficking victims. Shakti Vahini works to free minors from brothels. New Light helps the children of sex workers. Yudhijit Bhattacharjee is a contributing writer.

He began his journalism career writing about crime in Kolkata. Smita Sharma, who is based in Delhi, has spent years documenting sexual violence in India. This is her first story for the magazine.

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