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Considering these classes requires everyone getting buck naked in a group to stretch in every conceivable position, surely it can't just be about the yoga, can it? Sessions run on the second floor of a warehouse in St Peters three times a week and, on average, attract around 15 men every session. No women are allowed.

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Nude co-ed yoga classes are taking off in the US and UK, but in Australia, only all-male classes exist. Naked Yoga Sydney's instructor and founder, Steve Gee - who started his classes nine years ago - tried reaching out to women in the early days, but found there just wasn't the demand. Nude Yoga USA in Arizona, which runs co-ed naked yoga classes three times a week, has some theories as to why women might be more shy.

In their classes, men can outnumber women four to one. Plus, women are afraid to be judged.

Women tell me, 'Oh, I'm just not comfortable with my body. Guys are afraid of getting an erection in class.

Women are afraid of someone seeing everything. No woman wants to do downward dog with someone behind them.

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Does this mean most of the guys at Sydney Naked Yoga are gay? Founder Steve Gee says he doesn't ask students about their sexuality, but suspects there are more gay guys than straight.

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Ultimately, though, he suspects most students are like him - nudists who just happen to enjoy a bit of downward dogging. When I step inside the class, I baulk - not because everyone is naked at least, not yetbut because there are floor-to-ceiling mirrors lining the front wall. Immediately, I lay out my yoga mat in the back corner, closest to the exit and as far as possible from my own reflection.

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This isn't out of shyness. Travelling in Japan and using traditional bathhouses demolished any problems I have with public nudity. I just don't want to inflict the image of my naked form bent over in cow position to a room full of strangers. It seems like bad manners.

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Before the class starts, I ask Gee - a warmly spoken, strapping-fit bald man - the obvious question. What happens if you get an erection in class?

  Watch An Exclusive Yoga Sequence with @Nude_YogaGirl. In honor of #NudeWeek, the Instagram star shows BAZAAR some of her stunning yoga poses. By Harper's Bazaar Staff. May 16, As part of Estimated Reading Time: 50 secs   to see more videos like this and subscribe to my HOT YOGA TV   Hot Nude Yoga, the US brand that first made naked yoga into a big business, sells videos with titles like Getting Undressed with Hot Nude Yoga, Double Your Pleasure and The Beginners Class - Author: Benjamin Law

It's the most common thing first-timers ask him. If it happens, just keep going with the yoga. But it's nothing to be embarrassed about. I've never run anyone out of the class for getting an erection. But surely, some people just come to perve, right? Gee says he filters people like that out.

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Secondly, I have a nudity-mandatory policy. No one who wants to leave their underwear on is allowed in - everybody must be on a level playing field. Gee says he's been running the classes long enough to suss out any ulterior motives.

Like, 'Do I have to take my clothes off?

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In the warehouse, heaters have been turned on to combat both the cold and potential embarrassment, and the room is candle-lit. It can't be all that pervy, I figure - we'd have to squint hard during class to cop a decent eyeful. More men stream in - there are roughly 20 of us now - and we stretch out casually, still clothed, on our yoga mats.

Guys in their 40s discuss their home renovations.

A trim-looking man in his 20s keeps to himself and stares at the floor, while chatty seniors nearby discuss recent injuries and back pain. Am I going to be the odd man out?

Finally, Gee shuts the door. That's the cue. Before I can register what's even happening, everyone around me quietly takes off their clothes and returns to their yoga mats, completely naked. Not wanting to be left behind, I hurriedly strip off, cast my eyes downward and sit back down, too. And we begin.

It's likely that no other form of exercise has been subjected to as many bold experiments in cross-breeding as yoga. Besides yoga's traditional forms - Iyengar; hatha; ashtanga; vinyasa - there are common modern variations, like yoga performed in artificially hot rooms bikram and yoga fused with Pilates yogalates.

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Around the world, there are other bizarre hybrids, some of which sound like a recipe for spinal-cord injury horseback yoga; surfboard yogaand ones that make no sense at all yoga raves; yoga pole-dancing.

There are yoga classes for dogs, yoga classes for mothers with newborn babies, and one class in Los Angeles that encourages students to arrive high on marijuana.

We like to include any possibility. Does that include nude yoga? Blashki laughs.

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But yoga emphasises steadiness and comfort, and if a person feels they can be steady and comfortable doing it naked, without being distracted by their own sense of self or other people's looks User reviews 1 Review. Top review. This short will only appeal to those with a prior interest in either yoga or naturism.

Such viewers are likely to find it interesting and inspiring.

Inthis film was transmitted by Channel 4 in UK - probably gaining more viewers in that one showing than in all other screenings. It is definitely not an instructional film, and the information content is low. Yoga and naturism go well together, and there is some overlap of interest in these two minority pursuits. It does this in spite of an over-emphasis on "psychedelic" visuals of manipulated images from Eastern art, and a score which is best described as "hippy trippy". The core of the film is the presentation of a range of yoga postures "asanas" - none of which are named shown by four supple young ladies.

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Three are filmed in the open air of Cyprus, one in a UK studio. All are clearly experienced in yoga, and some shots illustrate beautifully the importance of breathing rhythms in the practise of the asanas.

It is probable that some will regard this film as aimed at voyeurs - I think such views are misguided and unfair, and I also think a voyeur would be disappointed! On the other hand, the way the participants are limited to good-looking young women does invite such criticism, and I regret that a wider range of humanity was not on show.

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Complementing the visuals is a commentary discoursing on Buddhist philosophy and its links with yoga. This is delivered in the wonderful gravel voice of UK blues legend Alexis Korner.

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If you are interested in either naturism or yoga, I recommend this film strongly. Unfortunately, it has never been available on commercial video or DVD, so the best one can hope for is to attempt to track down an off-air recording of the UK broadcast.

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tmf May 17, Details Edit. Country of origin United Kingdom. Filmshop Productions. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 24min.

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Naked Yoga: Directed by Paul Corsden. With Elizabeth Taylor-Mead, Alexis Korner. Three young ladies perform yoga without clothes in the open air of Cyprus. Another does the same in a studio. These visuals are interspersed with images of Eastern art, processed for "psychedelic" effect. The narrator relates the practise of yoga to Buddhist philosophy.6,8/10(54)   Rosie Rees teaches naked yoga in Australia, with the goal of helping women relieve stress and become more body-positive. "It takes courage to come to a naked yoga class," the year-old New York Post Video

Jan 5 PEOPLE. Jen Widerstrom's Biggest Loser Blog: Why I Chose My Contestants.

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