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The hotel owner I used to work for never battered an eyelid because he just became used to it. Happy new year to you as well. Happy new year natalie. His friends and elder members of family visit there home and his brothers and sisters children also visit and they only wear bottom swimwear.

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He is a highly respected man in this area of turkey who owns a few hotels. He is a unique MAN. Congratulations to your friend then.

She has found a unique man. For everyone man like him there are hundreds with a totally different view point. Sorry natalie i forgot to mention i visit my friend once a year who lives just out side sarigerme.

Unlike some people consistently wants you to believe, Turkey is not a muslim country, it is a secular country with a big muslim majority. Meaning; Turkey is not ruled by muslim rules, but it has its own democratic rules mostly based on Italian and Swiss laws. You can go nude in certain beaches

She is married to a lovely turkish man and he nor his friends mind her or us sunbathing topless at there pool. She is english and he accepts that she does english things. Hi Julie - if you read the article before commenting, you will find out why Turkish friends and families have never mentioned it to you.

Become their wife or daughter in law and it is a totally different matter. Please also read the comment policy if you want your next comment to be published. Sorry i have been going to turkey since and have never been looked down upon for sunbathing topless. I have met lots of turkish freinds and families and became really good friends with these people and never once have they mentioned this subject.

So your the one who is being uptight about this. Comment edited - please read the comment policy.

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Really Francisco? You think that by getting her tits out, a woman is helping to modernise the country. I would have thought modernization starts with child education and the attitude towards the women in the home. I also remember most of the western world where women are very much judged on their looks. even in business so I really do not think women displaying their tits helps to modernize a country. As a Spaniard of age, I recall the same experience when Nordic and Scandinavian women used to sunbath topless in Spain in the 60s and 70s.

It was against our tradition and culture. Nobody wanted their systers and mothers to be topless and Scandinavian women were suposed to be easy. No Spanish woman would go topless at the time. But tourism broght new customs to traditional Spain and now you can see wormen in topless in all Spanish beaches. Sometimes topless wormen are the majority of women at the beach. Therefore, I have to disagree.

When a foreign woman shows her tits in Turkish beach, it is modernising Turkey, in teh same way her mother modernised Spain. I found your article thought provoking. I disagree with it. Western women, by Turkish standards, are very easy. That is part of Western culture. Feminists have fought since the s to end the double standard.

In view of that, either do not go to Turkey OR wear Turkish clothes generally OR go topless at resorts. I say that it is a mistake to pretend you are something you are not - lose the top. Kemal, every country in the world is identified as having a religion.

Even if you do not like it. For example, most people when asked to identify America with a religion will say Christians.

To delve down into whether they are practising Christians and whether their beliefs and cultures have been influenced by religion is impossible.

Turkish beach naked

It is focusing on the mens reaction itself which is nothing to do with the women. Re the burqa, it is my understanding that this is not featured in Islam. The burqa was something introduced in the middle east countries and there is nothing in the quran about the Burqua. Also like you say, Turkey is a free country so my suggestion that a bikini top is worn is ample enough.

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I observed a little bit your complete blog. I appretiate it too much. A very laudable work is yours. I think I should read all pages and comments of this blog as long as I will have time.

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Concerning the main subject, may be correct or wrong, but I have every respect to your opinions about demeanour of foreigners in Turkish beaches. Normally as it must be in a laic country, it is not surveyed officially. Is that correct? According to your logic, best advice you can give as to buy a strapless bikini top and never take it off, should not be satisfactory.

Islam requires much more than this.

If islam must be taken into account perhaps something like burqa may be a better suggestion than a strapless top. You are focusing on it too much.

Remember I never stated fully practising Muslims. When those stats are collected, they do not ask people who goes to the mosque five times a day. Same as in the UK, someone will say they are a Christian but they don;t go to church. It does not mean they do not believe in their religion.

It does not mean they have turned against the environment in which they were bought up. You are focusing too much on a small detail which can neither be proved or dis-proved.

Marina Aquapark Waterland in Istanbul

Like I mentioned in the article, the men that I have spoke to just do not want their sisters, mothers or wives doing it. Hell, if my mum went topless, I would freak. Are you telling me if your mum went topless on a beach, you would be happy about it? Re if Turkey is safe. Trip advisor does not have the monopoly on what foreigners think about Turkey. Yesterday I had five emails asking me if they should cancel holidays because of the riots in Libya.

I often read articles from Americans saying that they came to Turkey and lied about their nationality. Said they were Canadian.

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Yes, 12 million tourists each year believe that Turkey is a safe country. However there are billions of people in the world and some of them do not believe Turkey is a safe country. Trip advisor does not account for billions of people in the world. Not at all Natalie. I am not looking too much into the religion of the country.

When we look at the forum pages where foreigners discuss about safety of Turkey, we can see that most of the foreigners find the country well enough safe. I think you are looking too much into the religion of a country. All across the world, every country has a fact file. It is what scholars do as there is no other way to gather figures. They can only estimate using the paperwork available to them.

Every country in the world has a fact file estimating the main religion. If a file says that x amount of the population is Muslim, it does not refer to how a country is governed as this is a completely different matter, even if the country does use religion to rule.

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Re westeners making wrong assumptions, there are plenty. You would be amazed at how many emails I get in a week asking me if Turkey is safe to visit. Where do most of these westerners get the strange idea that Turkey is not safe? The main stream media. Natalie, I have respect to your experiences and I appreciate your kind interest to Turkey and to Turkish people.

My opinions also are based on my 57 years of life experience in Turkey where I also travel on Aegean and Mediterranean coasts twice a year. I only wanted to share my life experience. This is not a country ruled by laws of the religion.

So, we can not say that this country is this much percent muslim, or another religion.

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What is written in the religion section of the identity cards and the numbers taken from government papers mean nothing. For that reason, in Turkey the demographic statistics may not be a criteria for the religious composition of the people. Nobody can know who is muslim, who is jew, who is christian, who is buddhistwho is deist, who is atheist, and so on We can do such a generalization for every country, every people, even for a country like Saudi Arabia which is ruled by moslem religious law where it should be very difficult to dare to argue other believes.

This shows the importance of the laicism. Even Turkey constitutionally is a laic country, in practice still there may be some kind of oppressiveness especially from the major religious sect over other believes. This fact comes from centuries and is not very easy to eliminate even by application of laicism.

This is not a correct generalization. I can easily say that Turkish people having very close relations for ages with western world knows the western people quite well and have an objective opinion about western people, men and women. There is many marriages of Turkish men with western women without any social objection, contrarily with too much social respect.

Of course there may be always exceptional wrong opinions as there may be everywhere in the world. I might be good but not even I could count a whole country full of millions of people.

Other than this beach you can find lots of small beautiful coves and small beach at sea side of Turkey. Before go naked always keep with clothes awhile than turn your nature. There is one more choice for nude sunbathing, if you make some search Nude cruise in Turkey some nudist friendly tours advertise can be find   Turkey's first hotel for nudists welcomes foreign guests to bare all. British holidaymakers in Turkey are being invited to shed their inhibitions and their swimming costumes with the launch of the Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins We shouldn?t forget that Turkey is a muslim country, although a pretty modern one, but there are many turkish people who could feel embarrassed or offended anyway. Not sure about the hotel pools, but we have noticed some real peepers who have tried to get a glimpse of some topless or naked ladies in the dunes of Patara Beach. Edited: 10 years ago

When population and religion are stated, the numbers are normally taken from Government papers. For example, everyone who has a kimlik has their religion on it. These stats are then shared. My classification is based on my experience. I also said in the article that by the end of the summer season, the young boys will be used to topless sunbathing. While they might not be practising muslims, they still have their beliefs and the traditions that they were bought up with.

Did you count it? How can you make such a classification in a laic country. Beliefs are between the individuals and their god. Who can imagine what is the beliefs of the individuals? I think that sunbathing style and dress modality of the tourists in Turkish coasts is not a serious issue of the Turkish people as it may be for some conservative foreigners. You have to not forget that the belief roots of the turkish people goes up to shamanism which still has many effects on the life style of the people even they are muslim.

  Learn more about Incekum Beach Resort 5 Hotel Alanya Turkey at videos has shooting on the same scenario Author: angelonyxcom   Take a tour of Turkey's women-only beach Sibel Arna - ANTALYA On my visit to Sar?su Beach, the free-of-charge, women-only beach in the southern province of Antalya that has recently caused such a stir, it perhaps should not have been a surprise to see that a Salvador Dali Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins Marmaris Beach. Turkey, september Please support my content using this AIRBNB AND TRAVEL LIKE A LOCALGet up to

Nobody can deny the traditional tolerance of Turkish people towards other cultures. You can not compare Turkey to some islamic countries, for example like Saudi Arabia. Of course there is, as there is fanatics everywhere in the world.

My whole criteria is not just a village boy actually. Interesting enough, I have also asked men from other countries such as the UK and only half of them were happy with their wives etc being topless on a beach.

I was quite surprised with those results. It is now starting to appear that this is not about being in a Muslim country. It is a topic that is discussed in every country, with some people saying yes it is acceptable and the other half saying no it is not. I am a turkish girl, grew in Istanbul and do may holidays in Izmir.

Turkey is a secular country where we try to advance in individual rights. In catholics, it is also not allowed to have sunbath topless i believe? But you do it, and in Turkey we also do it or at least some of us doing it or we try to respect the right of the women who want to do it. If your social criteria for whole country is the guy which has just left his village then there is something wrong with your image! No one said anything about not being welcome Dea but consider this.

agree, very useful

Sunbathing happens on the Aegean and western coasts, is that not enough for you that a Muslim country already shifted their attitude to allow it happen for tourism? If it was such the intolerant society that you make it out to be, sun bathing would be illegal. Perhaps you had better go elsewhere, but nothing will change. The way you travel, you will just see just the tourism side of a country and never experience the true face. I am Scandinavian.

Freedom of choice is a cultural norm. No problems. Love dea. Re them thinking that you are easy, if you feel that strongly about it, show them that you are not by holding your own. Woman all over the world often have to do that when faced by men who presume too much. It sounds like you travel for different reasons than me but you will find the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey welcoming. The people are loving and friendly to strangers.

You come, you go. That is it.

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Is sunbathing topless also a cultural norm for the western world, or is it a fashion trend? I ask because of the content of these articles that make for interesting reading. They all seem to describe it as a fashion trend, not a cultural norm. The sensitive locals can live in peace and quiet with whatever cultural norms they like while the tourists take their money elsewhere. Then everybody will be happy.

It is designed to make its own people comfortable. There are plenty of sunny counties in the world were the locals are not so prudish or offensive to visitors. Whether the country is Muslim or not I find it distateful when people flaunt their bits under my nose. I lived in Nice for many years and hated having to put up with semi-naked people in the supermarket when I was doing my weekly shopping. I enjoy bathing nude but would only do that on a secluded i.

nobody but me on it beach or a nudist beach. Wonderful post.

Looking forward to more. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Reading the words of your comment, I feel that my post has upset you somehow. I can assure you that was not my intention. However your comparison of illegal immigrants in your country driving without insurance, thinking they know best and sponging off the state can not really be compared to women sunbathing topless.

It is two total different end of the spectrum. You will also see that I mention the tourism factor but I feel making it illegal would be going too far. If that was the argument, then it should also be made illegal in Spain, the canary islands and every other destination.

me, please

Topless sunbathing is also a topic that the western world is split over. Not all western women agree with it. For me rather than make it illegal, lets discuss it as part of sustainable tourism because that is what it is. It is not a crime against humanity, it is not a person committing an act of violence against any other person. It is just a very good topic to discuss when assessing how much sustainable tourism we actually practise when we are in other countries.

I also never said you should sit on the beach fully covered. Re Saudi Arabia. I have never been however from what I have heard from other people is that there is a massive problem with illegal booze and the ex-pats. Is that true? It must of been lovely to grow up in Bali.

That is one destination that I would like to visit. I too, have seen the camera come out here and it is not pointed at the angle that it is meant to be. Natalie, this post really remind me of my childhood time going to Bali. I lived in Java where most people are muslim. When I was a little kid, while seeing swimsuit is normal, bikini is not. I know some male friends that have pretended to taking picture of themselves, but the camera is angled to the topless ones.

Nice to see all the comments ref to us respecting the cultures showing respect for their way of life and religeon. So you are saying we should still go there, give them our hard earned dole money and sit on the beach fully covered, as females, to comply with Shiriah law.

You need to take a large dose of reality medicine and realise if you want the dosh you have to accept the dross that comes with it. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 21 years and never saw a Muslim woman in a swimming suit let alone a bikini, nor could you even consider going topless even on the private westerner beach areas.

Maybe what we need in the UK is a policy like this, but then we would be mistaken as Australians i guess or classed as racists because we dared to express an opinion.

Love and peace to you all, regardless of race, creed, colour or relegion, but remember in our christian heaven, woman are allowed? LOl - I think you are talking about Speedos Aaron. They are a definitely a crime against humanity!!

Do you think, as a guy, I need to buy a bikini bottom to fit in? Is that what they are called? The thing swimmers wear? Not sure, but I think I will stick to my baggy surf shorts and am glad to see Turks starting to move that way as well. Brenda Farrell. Altinkum where I love is quite westernised but the women will get hassle if wearing little clothing. One user wrote: "We go to Paradise Beach still and go to the extreme right hand side of the beach looking out to sea.

They wrote: "There is a nudist section of the beach, so be prepared for that and maybe get involved! They continued: "Even if you don't get naked, the sea is lovely, the views from the rocks are magnificent, and it genuinely feels like a cast away island there.

There's also the rules on if you're allowed to sunbathe naked or not in your own garden this summer. Get extra savings with The Sun Vouchers including discounts and voucher codes for ExpediaLastminute.

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THIS weekend may have been a washout, but the heatwave will soon be back on. This is an official naked beach on the Greek island of Skiathos and draws returning visitors each year. One reviewer said: "There is a need for nudist beaches all over the world. This is a wonder. It was quiet busy with sunbeds and people with their own loungers. MOST READ IN TRAVEL. CANA-GO Ride through snow-dusted mountains and take a dip in hot springs visiting Canada.

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