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Asta decides to go after their leader, so Vanessa throws him up to the group even though he will be moved out of her range to pull him back. Salamander counters with a second fireball, and the resulting explosion knocks Asta out of the air.

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As Asta falls, Finral redirects him into one of Vanessa's nets. The Black Bulls square off against Fana, and when Salamander slashes through the trees, Vanessa has to pull her squadmates to safety.

She worries about Salamander's strength until Asta cuts the spirit with his Anti Magic Weapon. She decides that they should go on the offensive, but Asta stops and wants to talk it out. Fana refuses and Vanessa pulls Asta away from Salamander's attack and into a portal that drops him next to Fana. He holds his swords against her so they can talk. Vanessa is forced to tether herself and Finral to trees when the flapping of Salamander's wings threatens to blow them away.

Salamander swoops down at them, pushing them back with the wave of heat, which also burns away Vanessa's threads.

Salamander attacks again, and Noelle protects her squadmates with Sea Dragon's Cradle. The spirit's overwhelming power forces them to escape, with Vanessa and Noelle flying away on a tree branch. With the spirit weakened, the Black Bulls celebrate and ready Asta for his attack.

The Black Bulls celebrate as Asta's Bull Thrust pierces through Salamander. Vanessa and the others watch as Asta approaches Fana and then redirects her fireball at Ladros. They all listen as Fana recounts what she remembers.

  Vanessa Hudgens Was Forced To Apologize For Her Photo Leak Hudgens theorized about why people feel so comfortable infringing on the privacy of celebs and other public Alexis Reliford Apr 29, - Explore Sharon Wilder's board "VANESSA JAMES & MORGAN CIPRES" on Pinterest. See more ideas about vanessa james morgan cipres, morgan cipres, figure skating pins The greatest witch genius since the founding of the country of witches has returned!!! Vanessa Enoteca ??????????? Banessa Enoteka is a witch from the Witches' Forest[3] and a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad.[4] 1 Appearance Gallery Other Media 2 Personality 3 Biography 4 Battle Prowess Magic Abilities

Before they can ask the queen about it, the group is suddenly barraged by lasers, and Vanessa is heavily injured and knocked unconscious. Vanessa regains consciousness in time to see the Witch Queen arrive on the battlefield. To Vanessa's shock, the queen secures all of them to crucifixes and takes control of Asta's body. Vanessa realizes that the queen had been wanted the Anti Magic Weapons from the beginning.

As he struggles against the queen's control, Vanessa begs for the queen to stop and offers herself in exchange. The queen refuses since she plans to kill the others so that Vanessa has no more reason to leave.

Her resolve to save and protect her family forces her magic to evolve, and a red cat is spun from her threads and sits on her head. It touches Asta's head and causes him to dispel Puppet Bloodflow. When the Witch Queen realizes the truth, she tries to control Vanessa's body and to kill the Black Bulls herself.

However, the cat touches the queen, and all of her spells come undone. Vanessa approaches the queen and tells her that they share no bonds, [77] and the queen admits defeat.

Noelle hugs Vanessa in celebration. The Black Bulls return to the queen's throne room after she heals everyone, and the queen gives them her magic stone and tells them about it, the elvesthe possible connection to the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and Asta's swords. At the Star Awards FestivalVanessa runs off after booze.

Assuming she is a rival for Yami's affection, Vanessa challenges Charlotte to a drinking contest, which Sol Marron accepts for her captain.

However, Vanessa is unable to finish her first drink due to her heavy drinking beforehand. A few weeks later, Vanessa tries to comfort Asta who has been zoned out since the end of the Royal Knights Selection Exam. Vanessa later leaves the base [86] with Magna, and they watch the floating dungeon pass overhead.

Rouge prevents Lufulu from hitting Magna and Vanessa but also prevents Magna from attacking Lufulu. Magna asks her to recall her power and then fights Lufulu again, hoping to wake up Luck. She agrees but wraps thread around Magna's waist to help him evade the elf's attacks. Vanessa is forced to reactivate Rouge when Lufulu breaks free of Magna's restraints and clads himself with more lightning armor.

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After Manga is saved from death, Lufulu decides to test the duration of her spell and continuously attacks them until Rouge begins unraveling. Vanessa and Magna refuse to give up on Luck, and she binds the elf's arms with thread. However, Lufulu breaks them with ease and tries to kill Magna, but Rouge's last thread pulls Asta to stop the Thunder Arrow.

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While Lufulu begins overwhelming Asta, Vanessa helps distract the elf by using her magic to throw several large pieces of rubble, but the elf dodges around them and kicks Asta into a wall.

After Magna creates a smokescreen, Vanessa ties thread around Asta's ankle in order to slow Asta and throw off the timing of Lufulu's attack.

Magna then throws a fireball to sever Vanessa's thread and allow Asta to hit Lufulu.

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She then joins Magna in hugging Luck. Vanessa suggests that they regroup at the squad's base, so Luck pulls them with Vanessa's threads. When they reach the base, they find that it has fallen apart [95] and that an elf possessed Gauche, attacked Gordon AgrippaGrey, and Henry Legolantand then left.

Vanessa wants to rescue Gauche but is low on magic. Suddenly, they feel a powerful, angry magic and see Charmy walking toward them.

They think she is also possessed, but she reveals that she is angry over the destruction of her vegetable garden. When Asta blames the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the elves, Charmy tells the others to follow her in defeating them. Vanessa points out that they are low on magic, so Charmy has her Master Chef sheep prepare magic power-restoring food and forces them all to eat.

Once Henry's magic reassembles the base, the Black Bulls head out to save the kingdom. The Black Bulls first head to Hecairo where three elves are attacking the townspeople. The base crashes through the giant wall blocking their path, and Vanessa and Charmy use their magic to protect people from the falling debris.

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The elves try to attack the base, but Rouge causes their spells to miss. Once the group of elves is defeated, Reve pulls the upper section of the base into her - Worl trapping Vanessa, Luck, Magna, Charmy, and Sally. After the others manage to turn Reve's wave of water into a massive explosion, they are all suddenly hit by the drowsiness effect of the dream world. Reve chains the doors closed, preventing their escape. Luck then formulates a plan to trick Reve into creating a copy of Dorothy Unsworthher human vessel.

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The two Dream Magic users' competition overwhelms the spell and causes it to collapse. Once back in the real world, Vanessa slings Luck and Manga up into the air so they can hit Reve with Flame-Lightning Explosive Cannonknocking the elf unconscious.

The group then falls down in a large clump of cotton on top of the floating dungeon, crushing the other Black Bulls beneath them. Vanessa is delighted to see that Gauche has returned to normal. With the Black Bulls reunited, everyone gathers down in the castle below to recover before heading into the Shadow Palace.

Mereoleona and Fuegoleon Vermillion arrive and save the group from a pair of possessed Magic Knights. Luck then watches as Yuno and Charmy fly into the Shadow Palace. A few days later, the Black Bulls barge into the Magic Parliament Courthouse to rescue Asta and Secre.

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Nozel and Fuegoleon then interrupt the fight and pass on a mission from Julius: the Black Bulls will be exiled while the squad investigates devils and monitors Asta and Secre. A few days later, Vanessa discusses with Yami and Noelle how to get through the Heart Kingdom 's magical barrier. She doubts that Rouge would be able to protect them, so Noelle suggests asking Mimosa Vermillion about the exchange student program.

Vanessa, Magna, and Luck leave to scout out the Diamond Kingdom. They see a mage from the Spade Kingdom defeat a contingent of Diamond Kingdom soldiers, including two Shining Generals.

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Vanessa holds Luck back, but he admits that even he does not want to fight the mage. Six months later, Vanessa greets Asta and Finral when they return to the base with fruit from the Heart Kingdom. After Finral leaves to retrieve Yami, Dante Zogratis attacks the base, and Vanessa deploys Rouge to defend the base and her teammates.

Vanessa summons Rouge back to protect herself, Grey, and Gauche and leaves Asta usaintmarkaugusta.netotected, so Dante sends the boy slamming into the ground. Dante then compliments Vanessa and invites her to join him, which leaves Vanessa speechless. Asta reappears in his black form and chases Dante out of the base. Vanessa watches in shock as Dante continues to evade Asta's various homing attacks.

Vanessa watches in horror as Dante creates a sword and impales Gauche with it. Overcome with rage, Asta lashes out at Dante and inadvertently erases the magic holding his squadmates.

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She turns her attention to Gauche who is bleeding out, and despairs over the gravity of his injury. She then turns to see the defeated Asta fall to the ground. Dante prepares to take the two women is stopped by Yami's arrival.

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After Yami slices open Dante's chest, Vanessa watches as Dante uses a mysterious power to close the wound. After Asta defeats Dante, Vanessa and Finral rush forward to congratulate Yami and Asta. Vanessa laughs about Grey and Gauche's awkward conversation. When Yami goes to restrain Dante, Zenon Zogratis arrives and captures Yami. The Black Bulls watch helplessly as Zenon carries Yami through a spatial portal.

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That night, the Black Bulls return to the Clover Kingdom and take Asta to be examined by Owen. Male Costumes. Mutual Respect.

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