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Instead, try some of these dirty tricks to see what new levels your foreplay can reach. As long as you and your partner are both on board, these ideas are sure to give your intimacy some much-needed excitement. Most people don't think of masturbation as a especially "hot," especially when doing it alone.

However, when a person touches themselves during intercourse with another person, the act takes on a whole new hotter connotation.

Both men and women have reported being turned on by watching their partners touch themselves, especially if they seem to be enjoying the masturbation. This can be especially beneficial for female partners who can achieve more clitoral stimulation and a better orgasm when they know where to touch themselves.

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Chances are, you'll both end up getting turned on as your hands explore both your own private parts and those of your partner. Speaking of exploring, many couples become too preoccupied with stimulating the genitals to give proper attention to other parts of their partner's body.

Everything from a person's butt to their shoulders can be stimulated if you know what you're doing, and letting your hands wander during foreplay is an excellent way to draw out the suspense and increase arousal. A great way to spark extra exploration is to create a challenge for yourselves.

See how long you can go without kissing or touching each others genitals during foreplay. Surprisingly, you might become more turned on than usual. We're not talking Fifty Shades of Grey level activity or anything. In reality, bondage can be a lot simpler and less creepy than it's portrayed in films and books. It's all about finding your comfort zone while using ropes, zip ties, and other items.

Lifestyle. Published Oct 26, By. CafeMom Contributor. wavebreakmedia/shutterstock. In celebration of the book Hot Sex: Over Things You Can Try Tonight, we've decided to round up 50 sexy or sex-filled things that you can do easily - well, depending on the kids and time - and without much prep at all Have super slow, tantric sex. Draw everything out for extra-sensual sex. Have a quickie. As good as slow sex is, sometimes a quickie can be even saintmarkaugusta.nettion: Sex & Relationships Editor If the Magic Wand is the most recognizable sex toy, the Rabbit might be second. Combining a clitoral stimulation vibrator with a vibrating dildo, the Rabbit Author: April Masini

Talk to your partner openly about what you're both comfortable with, then give bondage a fair shot. One by one, slowly take each item of clothing off your bod. By the time you're totally naked, you'll both be dying to touch each other.

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These are like special wedges that help you reach the right angles for absolutely ah-mazing sex. See here for a list of the best sex pillows out there.

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Yes, you can literally feed each other while having sex. It'll feel super good and it's tasty. Win-win situation here, you guys.

If you do feel pain, it is more than likely caused by friction. Friction during penetrative sex occurs when there isn't enough vaginal lubrication to ease the entry of something entering your vagina. Engaging in plenty of foreplay can stimulate the vagina to become more lubricated. Using lubricant can make intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable However, it can be dirtiest but at the same time arousing to your spouse. You can spread some ice cream, fudge, or chocolate sauce on your partner's body and lick it off. The point of using this style is to spice things up in the bed. Therefore, do not be afraid to try new things. If it does not work for you or your partner, you can put a stop to it A Fun Sex Bucket List of Sexual Things to Try in Bed 1. ? Find the G-spot. Well, this one should be a no-brainer for everyone. While the g-spot isn't the only spot of 2. ? Wear a Blindfold. While it can sound a bit too kinky for comfort at first, introducing blindfolds to the bedroom is 3. ? Estimated Reading Time: 10 mins

Practice this every day, then try doing some Kegels during sex. It's supposed to feel pretty damn good. Are you a fan of nipple stimulation? Get your hands on some nipple clamps and add them to your sex routine stat. Here are some solid nipple clamps and exactly how to use them. Nipples are a major erogenous zonewhich means that yes, touching them in just the right way can lead to having a totally awesome orgasm.

Feeling extra hot? You could film your sex sesh and save it for watching later. All those warm bubbles and pulsing water jets will put you right in the mood.

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You could even get in naked straight away. And again, only if it's private! Set up your self-timer and take some erotic pics with your bae or alone. You'll feel so horny after taking all those arousing pics that you'll be all over each other.

Wondering what it's like, exactly? Read this piece about sex parties and self-esteem to make sure it's for you. Splurge on the fanciest hotel or Airbnb you can and have tons of sex in those luxurious bed sheets.

This one seems easy but tbh, it can be hard to master if your heights don't match up perfectly.

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Here's how to have sex standing up like they do in the movies. You're both in a super vulnerable position, so it's the ultimate bonding experience.

Reverse cowgirl is fab because your booty will be right in your partner's face which will be super hot for them and you're in complete control of the pace and rhythm. If you're both working from home, why not squeeze in some afternoon delight in between meetings? Just fix your hair before your next video call.

Like a massage, but make it sexy. So yes, you can work your way down to the crotch area, too. Gather all your glosses with some flavor, apply to your mouth, and make out with your partner wearing each one.

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At the end, they'll decide which is their fave, annnnd you can finally have sex. Having dinner with your friends or on a date at a restaurant? Make it sexy by sitting side by side and touching each other underneath the table. That's right, no kissing, no oral, and no genital penetration of any kind. Try having sex while being totally silent.

You'll want to let out a moan but you simply cannot, which makes things even hotter. After you just stayed quiet all that time, go in for another round and be as loud as you freakin' want.

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Wear the remote-controlled sex toy while you're out and about and your partner can control all the vibrations for you from the comfort of their home. Sometimes not being able to see each other makes things even steamier. If you're short on blindfolds, lights-off is pretty much the next best option. Got a walk-in closet? First of all, lucky you.

Things to do in sex

Second of all, go get naked and use it for a new, sexy spot. Drawing on your bodies with paint can be a super sexy bonding experience. Like things a little bit rough? Then some light hair-pulling is for you. Did you know that not staring into your partner's eyes makes it easier to orgasm?

Hint: It's because there's less pressure on you. Read more about the benefits and some tips for mastering the art of doggy-style here. A light and consensual slap on the booty can amp up the passion in any sexual experience.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being old school. Once you've tried the other 99 things, this will feel a lot like coming hehe home.

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Masturbate for each other. Cheer, hoot, and holler for your lover. Read each other an erotic story from a sexy book. Play a board game but change the rules to make them sexy. Try a board game designed to inspire monogamy. Have sex in your car, even if it's parked in the garage.

Figure out a new sex position using pillows.

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Turn on an electric toothbrush use them on his, or her, nipples. Use any vibrator on him, in the area known as the perineum, between the bum and the balls. Have a contest to see who can come first, or who can hold out longest. Pick out your partner's outfit and dress them up before you dress them down.

5 Things To Try In The Bedroom, According To A Sex Expert

Have sex first thing in the morning. See how high you can bring your sex energy through breathing.

Go on a date to a cheap hotel room. Give, or get, a lap dance. Give each other head rubs.

Things That Belong On Your Sex Bucket List 1. Have sex all over the house. Brito suggests taking sex beyond the bedroom. That includes the couch, the kitchen 2. Be a teen all over again. Okay so this isn't necessarily full-on sex, but finding a parking spot and making out in 3. Read Occupation: Editorial Assistant 6 (Really Naughty) Things to do in Bed 1. Touch Yourself, Not Just Your Partner. Most people don't think of masturbation as a especially "hot," especially when 2. Don't Forget to Play With Other Parts of the Body. Speaking of exploring, many couples become too preoccupied with 3. Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins Mid-argument sex. One way to diffuse the tension. And makeup sex. So. Hot. Sex while blindfolded. The easiest way to take sex ever Author: Ellen Scott

Leave the lights on. Get naughty.

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